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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my shipping fees?
Your shipping fees are paid at time of consigning parcel/s to you.. As your shipping fees are not prepaid; you will not have to worry that you might have been overcharged when placing your booking and paying instantly on line.

Can my purchase be collected directly from the seller?
Yes, we certainly can. However BIG or small the item you are considering purchasing; we can arrange collection directly from the seller’s door. Our YSWS Team is available to recommend the most cost-effective transport solutions.

Are there any restricted or prohibited items that cannot be shipped?
Certain items are subject to carriage restrictions whilst others are considered as prohibited items and therefore cannot be transported. We suggest that you visit the PROHIBITED ITEMS list for further guidelines. At the same time, our YSWS Team is available to assist you when requiring clarifications about this matter. Click here to view prohibited items.

Is my purchase subject to customs clearance; duties & taxes?
Products that are originating from non-EU countries are subject to customs clearance; duties and taxes at the first EU entry point.

What about the items that have been purchased, would they be insured?
Insurance is at the discretion of the buyer. Your purchases are not insured by the YSWS as service provider. YSWS as service provider cannot be held liable for loss; damages; breakages etc.

What about the delivery arrangements?
Local distribution is performed between Monday-Friday during normal working hours; Public holidays excluded.

What if I miss my delivery?
If no-one is available when the courier arrives to deliver your parcel, a card is left at the premises. The parcel would have then to be collected from our facility from the next working day. Should you wish to have your parcel to be re-delivered and not collected; a delivery surcharge will apply. Our YSWS Team will assist you when this is requested.

What if my item would have to be returned to the seller?
We can provide different service levels to return your items to the seller. Our YSWS Team is available to suggest the most cost-effective transport solutions in line with the sellers’ recommendations and conditions.

Online help
The YSWS Team can be contacted on email address: or by phone on +356 2124 0877

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We offer a simple and safe way to ship your favourite items whether BIG or small. Your shipping fees are not paid for at time of booking BUT only on consigning your parcels.

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