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You Shop…We Ship™ provides to shoppers shopping across border, an international forwarding service of goods. Any such activities undertaken by You Shop…We Ship™ throughout this activity are undertaken subject to these Conditions.

When ordering the services of You Shop…We Ship™ you are agreeing on your behalf or anyone else with an interest in the shipment that these terms & conditions shall apply.

‘You Shop…We Ship™’ TM shall mean the ’Freight forwarder’.

‘Shipment’ shall mean any parcel; package or consignment addressed to a single address sent at one time and contents thereof and which may be carried by any means that You Shop…We Ship™ chooses; including road; air or any other mode of transport or any preferred carrier as it may; in its discretion; determine.

‘Receiver’ shall mean the party engaging the services of the ‘Freight forwarder’ for shipping arrangements.

Sorting facility’ shall mean the receiving location nominated by the ‘Freight forwarder’ and to which the ‘Receiver’ agrees and has given consent to the ‘Freight forwarder’ to receive ‘shipments’ in such an address.

The choice of sorting facility locations shall lie with the ‘Freight forwarder’ and in any such case the ‘Receiver’ shall be informed with the address.

‘Receiver’ agrees to all routing and diversions; including the possibility that the shipment may be carried through intermediate stopping places.

A ‘waybill’ or any other document generated by the ‘Freight forwarder’ shall include ‘shipment’ tracking/booking number, number of pieces weight and volume and the total transport fees that are due by the ‘Receiver’.

The ‘waybill’ can either be printed or in electronic form.

  • All Prices are inclusive of 18% VAT.
  • Rate is subject to cargo being adequately & securely packed for international transport,
  • Subject to being stack-able,
  • Excludes hazardous contents & cargo insurance,
  • Subject to services performed during normal working hours, 08:00-16:30 hours, Public holidays & week-ends excluded,
  • Payment terms: at time of delivery,
  • Certain items can be subject to excise tax, import duties and Vat,
  • Subject to space availability at time of booking.

Deliveries and undeliverables:

‘Receiver’ is to ensure providing the seller with the ‘sorting facility’ details. Such information is available on the ‘Freight forwarders’ website or might be transmitted to the ‘Receiver’ through electronic communication or other means.

The ‘Freight forwarder’ cannot be held liable for withholding or delaying any ‘shipments’ that are not marked or identifiable at arrival time at the sorting facility’.

Neither can the ‘Freight forwarder’ be held liable for any delays if the ‘Receiver’ would not have completed a booking form through the ‘Freight forwarders’ online booking system or any other agreed means.

The ‘Freight forwarder’ is not obliged to track; trace and enquire about the ‘shipment’ dispatched from the seller to the ‘sorting facility’.

The ‘Receiver’ must relieve the freight forwarder from obligations and responsibilities for wrongly addressed shipments dispatched by the shipper; any misrouting that might occur whilst the shipment is in transit, and shipments delivered to the wrong location.

The ‘Freight forwarder’ has the responsibility to withhold any ‘shipment’ from continuing its voyage due to but not limited to:

  • being in breach of the PROHIBITED ITEMS, list available elsewhere on this website,
  • containing any other items that the ‘Freight forwarder’ considers as not being safe or legal for carriage,
  • inadequate or defective packaging, unsuitable for international carriage,
  • being visible that the ‘shipment’ was tampered with whilst in transit from the seller to the receiving hub,
  • leakages, breakages, odours,

The ‘Freight forwarder’ reserves the right and without prior notification to the ‘Receiver’ to open a ‘shipment’ for inspection and this for safety; security; customs, other control reason or ambiguous/incomplete receiver details.

PO Boxes or postal codes only cannot to be considered as delivery addresses unless not including an email address or a contact phone number.

The ‘sorting facility’ is only obliged to receive ‘shipments’ during normal business hours.

Should the ‘Receiver’ request the Freight forwarder’ to consign the ‘shipment’ to a third party on his behalf, the ‘Receiver’ is to authorize the ‘Freight forwarder’ by means of a written consent.

If no-one is available to receive the ‘shipment’ when the ‘Freight forwarder’ is performing the delivery, a card is left at the premises stating that the delivery was attempted but no-one was available at the time.

Rates are inclusive of a one-time free delivery to the preferred ‘Receivers’ address. Therefore the ‘shipment’ would have to be picked up from the ‘Freight forwarders’ facility after the delivery is unsuccessful.

The ‘Receiver’ is given the option to pay a fee to the ‘Freight forwarder’ for a second delivery.

Delivery shall be deemed to have been affected when:

  • the package is handed over to the ‘Receiver’ or any other person acting on their behalf,
  • payment covering the transportation and any other fees due for the ‘shipment’.

The ‘Freight forwarder’ is not obliged to insure the carriage of the ‘shipments’ on behalf of the ‘Receiver’. This remains in the ‘Receivers’ discretion and responsibility to do so.

Without prejudice to its statutory rights, the ‘Freight forwarder’

  • reserves the right to dispose of any packages not claimed by the Receiver’ after 30 days from arrival date;
  • shall be entitled to retain any ‘shipments’ in its possession until outstanding amounts due by the ‘Receiver’ are satisfied in full.

In this respect the ‘Receiver’ shall not be entitled to claim to the ‘Freight forwarder’ for any delays, loss of business; damages, breakages etc.

It is agreed and understood that the ‘Freight forwarder’ cannot be held liable for such occurrences and events when such acts are considered as negligence attributable to the ‘Receiver’.

Shipping charges and other fees:

It is to be understood that whilst the ‘Receiver’ is submitting the booking through the ‘Freight forwarders’ booking facility, or any other electronic or verbal means, weights and dimensions might not be accurate.

‘Shipments’ are electronically check weighed and measured on receipt at the ‘sorting facility’.

The ‘Receiver’ will be charged by the ‘Freight forwarder’ those fees applicable in accordance with the actual weight and dimensions. It is for this reason that the transport fees are not prepaid at time of booking but paid by the ‘Receiver’ to the ‘Freight forwarder’ at time of performing delivery.

Customs Clearance:

‘Shipments’ originating from non-EU member states are subject to border controls, verifications and possibly clearance from different Authorities and or State agencies and are to be declared with Customs at the first EU entry point. These are considered as taxable items and import duties and taxes apply.

Certain EU origin commodities might still be subject to excise or other taxes in accordance with national legislation. These too are subject to border controls, customs clearance, payment of taxes, etc.

Customs Clearance is not currently being offered on the YouShopWeShip service; therefore packages of a non-EU origin will be rejected and YouShopWeShip will not be liable for any losses suffered as a consequence.


The ‘Freight forwarder’ is not obliged to insure the ‘shipments’ on behalf of the ‘Receiver’.

It is in the discretion of the ‘Receivers’ to insure the ‘shipments’ whilst these are being transported from origin to destination.

The ‘Freight forwarder’ shall not be kept liable for any loss, damage, breakage, missing items, leakage, pilferage etc. sustained either whilst the ‘shipment’ is in transit or whilst under temporary storage.

The ‘Receiver’ may be held liable for damages that the ‘Freight forwarder’ or any other third party may sustain due to the ‘Receivers’ negligence such as but not limited to, leakage, inadequate packing, erroneously or undeclared goods etc.

Governing Law:

Any dispute arising under or in any way connected to these Terms & Conditions shall be governed by Maltese Law.

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